Purpose & Values

VISION Excellence in Learning, the Community and Environment.


Our purpose is to support all students:

  • strive for excellence
  • develop to their full potential by providing opportunities in conjunction with guidance and support
  • be independent learners and problem solvers for life
  • be socially competent and demonstrate empathy towards others
  • be responsible and resilient
  • be able to contribute as a member to the school and wider community and global society in the future

OUR MOTTO Not just a school, but a part of the community


Beaconsfield Uppers School’s values are Respect, Friendship, Honesty, Kindness and Community..

We Respect ourselves, our school and each another, and understand that our attitudes and behaviours have an impact on the people around us.

We model and demonstrate Friendship to each other, building positive friendships with each other.

We are Honest, with ourselves our peers and our community

We model and demonstrate Kindness and take every opportunity to help others that may be in need.

We value our Community, building positive relationships and giving back to our broader community. ‘Not Just a school, but a part of the Community.’

We expect members of our school community to follow these core values.

The staff strive to be the best educators they can, through bringing their unique strengths, knowledge and expertise into practice. They are continually learning through regular attendance at Professional Development sessions, collaboration with their colleagues and of course the children and their parents.