Sporting Events & Activities

Inter-school Sport

In Years 5 & 6 children begin to play competitive sport against the local schools within the Officer District. These run in Terms 1 and 2. The students experience team work, social skills, training, winning and losing. There are a range of sports to choose from and it’s also an opportunity to put all the skills learnt and practised in PE, into action.

In winter, sports include football, netball, T-ball and soccer. In summer, cricket, basketball, softball and volleyball are played.

Every school plays each other once during the “season” before the whole-day Lightning Premiership is played to determine the District Champions.

BUPS children also participate in the Officer School District Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Championships. These Championships comprise teams from the various schools in the 9/10, 11 and 12/13 age group. The top place getters will progress to Division, Region and possibly the State Finals.


This organised lunchtime activity is quite a tradition at BUPS. It provides children from Grades 3 – 6 with the opportunity to enjoy playing a game of footy with some modified rules. These include children playing a position against their peers from the same year level, a maximum of one bounce, and boys cannot tackle the girls.
All students in grades 4 to 6 are drafted into one of the 6 BUPS FL teams, with grade 3 students having the option to be drafted into a team. Our 6 teams play one game against another team per week in term 2 (weather dependent). Special BUPS FL rules are put in place to ensure that students are playing against students of a similar age and umpires monitor the game. Results/ladder are announced each week at assembly. At the end of the season, we will finish with semi-finals; the grand final, a teacher vs. student match and the most valuable players of the season will be announced.
We look forward to another fun season of BUPS FL!

The teams are-
Coventry Koalas – Voss Vipers – Barassi Blazers – Hird Honeyeaters – Skilton Sharks – Dyer Bloods


HoopTime Basketball Tournament

As part of our Physical Education and Sport program at BUPS, we endeavour to present as many learning opportunities as possible in the various areas of the curriculum. The McDonald’s Hooptime Basketball Tournament is an event that provides children with the opportunity to play a “real” game of basketball in a semi competitive setting. 

Students in Grades 3-6 are all encouraged to participate in this Term 3 Basketball event which usually takes place at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium, Stud Road Dandenong. Each team is assigned a coach and a team manager. All Grade 3-6 teachers attend the event and parent help is also required with managing or coaching the teams.

There are three sections-

  • Rookies – for those who have recently been introduced to the game
  • Future Stars – for those who have played some basketball and are reasonable ball dribblers
  • All Stars – children who play at a high level, that is, section 1 or play Representative basketball for their club.

All children are expected to participate in the Hooptime Tournament and an information and permission note is sent home to parents in Term 2