Lunch Orders

At BUPS the Up The Hill Bakehouse in Beaconsfield Upper provide lunch orders to the school. School lunches are only available on Thursdays and orders must be placed in the tray at the front office by 9.30am; or at the Bakery before 10.30am. ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 10.30am.

The menu has been selected with the Department’s guidelines in mind, ensuring there are healthy choices. The ‘treat’ items have been kept as healthy as possible and should only be ordered as a “sometimes” option. Items not on the school menu will not be made available as a lunch order at school.

Click here to download the menu

Please note that items marked with an asterisk * are baked on the premises first thing in the morning or as in the case of the fruit, need to be ordered fresh. To ensure availability, these * items are required to be ordered one day in advance prior to 3pm at either the office or the bakery.