Student’s approach reading with a sense of wonder and purpose, engaged as thinkers as they read. We encourage students to read a range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, understanding, discussing and critiquing what they have read.

As part of the teacher planning cycle, students complete a Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment. Teams may also complete a more specific reading Common Assessment Task if required. Teachers enter the data into the whole year level spreadsheet, as well as on Sentral for each student’s Reading Plan. 

Teachers then look at this data, considering what area of the Big 6 (phonological awareness, phonics, oral language, vocabulary, fluency or comprehension), their class, as a cohort needs to focus on in order to improve student’s reading knowledge and skills. Teachers will focus on this chosen area in their mini lessons as part of the Reading Instructional Model.

Our instructional model has students at the centre, with each student having their own individual goals that they are working towards when reading. These goals are sent home to parents to continue practicing them at home when they read. Through feedback and ongoing practice, students develop their own skills and knowledge as a reader.

Mini Lesson:

Teachers ensure the learning intention and success criteria is clear for all the students explicitly modelling the learning, with different types of texts. Classrooms also have a bump it up wall, which shows students the progression of learning. 

Independent/Collaborative learning time

While some students will work independently during this time, others will be required to attend their guided reading / conference group session. 

Guided Reading:

The teacher works with a group of students in a guided reading group focusing on the individual needs of the students, with guidance from the teacher. They will discuss the type of text and its features, question what the text might be about and work through the vocabulary that is in the text. Students then read the text themselves, with the teacher listening to each student and guiding their reading, focusing on student’s goals. After reading, the group discuss the text and answer questions about the book.

Independent/Collaborative sessions 

Students all know what they are focusing on individually when they go back to their tables. Students will select text to read that are of interest and are just right for them, depending on the level of complexity of the text, focusing on the goals they need to achieve. Whilst reading, students may record their thinking on sticky notes or through text responses relevant to the class learning intention and their own individual goals. The teacher is also continually checking in with students and assisting where needed during this time. 


The class will rejoin for reflection. Here, the teacher will revisit the learning focus with students sharing how they were successful with their goals today. The teacher and students are able to provide feedback.