This organised lunchtime activity is quite a tradition at BUPS. It provides children from Grades 3 – 6 with the opportunity to enjoy playing a game of footy with some modified rules. These include children playing a position against their peers from the same year level, a maximum of one bounce, and boys cannot tackle the girls. 
All students in grades 4 to 6 are drafted into one of the 6 BUPS FL teams, with grade 3 students having the option to be drafted into a team. Our 6 teams play one game against another team per week in term 2 (weather dependent). Special BUPS FL rules are put in place to ensure that students are playing against students of a similar age and umpires monitor the game. Results/ladder are announced each week at assembly. At the end of the season, we will finish with semi-finals; the grand final, a teacher vs. student match and the most valuable players of the season will be announced. 
We look forward to another fun season of BUPS FL! 

The teams are-
Coventry Koalas     Voss Vipers    Barassi Blazers       Hird Honeyeaters     Skilton Sharks    Dyer Bloods