An important feature of Beaconsfield Upper Primary School (BUPS) are the well established and successful transition programs. One of our priorities is that all children new to BUPS feel happy and secure. This is achieved through explicit programs, such as the Buddy program and a nurturing and caring staff. We provide all incoming Foundation (Prep) children with a well matched Grade 6 Buddy and all new students to BUPS in other grades, with a Buddy from their grade to help them familiarise themselves at BUPS, feel secure, supported and able to settle in smoothly. During the Kinder to Prep transition, all the Grade 5 students visit the kinder to interact and familiarise themselves with the kinder children.

Through the Buddy program children buddy up and learn the values of caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility.

In the first few weeks of the year the Year 6 students work with their Buddies to help the prep children adjust to school life. Activities are based on social and curriculum topic themes. During Term 1, the Preps and their buddies participate in a Teddy Bears’ Picnic and in Term 4 they participate together in the Upper Beacy Cup.